Tom Sherlock

Experienced fullstack developer, currently working as Lead Developer in IBM’s Rapid Prototyping Team. I code mostly in Node.js, using Vue.js or React.js to build innovative user experiences for enterprise clients. I’ve been Agile certified & Design Thinking trained since 2017, and use the best of these techniques to add value to client’s projects as quickly as possible.

I have extensive project experience in Data Analysis & visualisation, user interface testing, and using IBM’s Watson APIs. I’ve also got a strong interest in Cloud Native development, using CI/CD and DevOps techniques on OpenShift/K8s based platforms.

Since 2018, I’ve been involved in the teaching & running of the IBM Digital Skills Academy, teaching technical development skills alongside business and Design Thinking techniques. Since it’s inception, I’ve personally taught over 200 Early Professionals in the basics of Web Development, Cloud Native Architecture, and low-code/IoT devices.

I graduated with First Class honours as a Computer Science/Business Degree Apprentice from Queen Mary University London in July 2019. In 2017, I won the South-East UK Degree Apprentice of the Year, and finished in the final 10 for the 2016, 2017, and 2018 TargetJobs Apprentice of the Year awards.

I’m also a keen cyclist, riding as much gravel/XC/trail as time permits, and love making visualisations & dashboards for any & all cycling stats I can get my hands on.

Please contact me if you want to have a chat!